Posted by: EcoNaturalist | February 13, 2011

Walking in Boone’s Foot Steps

We went birding & hiking along a stretch of the Yadkin River over the weekend. It was mid afternoon, sunny, temps in the mid 50’s -very unlike the weather we have been having over the last couple of months – the kind of day we have been waiting for.

We were walking in Daniel Boone’s foot steps. At least that is what t

Home of Daniel Boone

his little engraved stone was telling us.

On this spot, Squire Boone built a cabin for his family -including 16 year old Daniel Boone. Obviously this is not the cabin, but this one sits where the original one did.

Boone's Cabin Spot

Down near the river we came upon this cave -not really a cave but a cool spot sliced out from the hill – it’s believed that Boone hid out in this cave.

I would hide in here

Here’s something that to me looks like a dew covered cob web. There were 16-18 of these in various size and shapes on the “ceiling” of the cave. Any one have a guess about what these are?

We saw plenty of Pine Sinking’s, Dark Eye Junco’s, Red Tailed & Red Shouldered Hawks & many birds that were too far away to get a good look at.

Weird, wet. What is it??????

Boone had a great place to learn about wildlife, how to fish, spot birds & a place any 16 year old would love to find to get away & hide from his dad. The original man cave.


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