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Wordless Wednesday–White Breasted Nuthatch

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A nice ending to this day.

A nice ending to this day.

Sunset from home.

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The First Occupants

One of my strongest passions is to watch & study birds and their ecosystems. With that in mind, last year I studied on becoming a nest watcher for citizens science. The training was through Cornell University Ornithological Laboratory.

In late winter I bought and put up two nesting boxes hoping to have a Bluebird family take up residence. The nesting boxes are about 10 feet off the ground & not near bushes or other structures that a cat could hide behind.

Today my wife saw a Carolina Wren taking assorted nesting materials into the nesting box that is farthest from my house. She pointed it out to me and we watched for a couple hours the work that the Wrens were doing.

Carolina Wrens are known for building multiple nests to thrown off & confuse predator, so I’ll have to wait and see if this nesting box bird hotel will be where new Avian life is brought into this world.

I will be watching & monitoring the nest and post new findings and updates over the next 4-6 weeks. I hope you will check back from time to time.


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Natures Lumberjacks

While birding the other day I came across this tree stump that a beaver made short work of…that part is no surprise. What made me scratch my head was the tree was no where in sight. A good size tree, way off the beaten path & no sign of it. Guess the beaver kept on chewing the thing up!


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Resting In A Thicket

If you could see the weather today then you would recognize that this hike we took did not occur today.  Raining cats and dogs as the saying goes around the area today.  So this hike is from last Saturday.  We left shortly before noon and arrived about an hour later at Bakers Mountain.  Bakers Mountain Park is a part of  The North Carolina Birding Trail. Follow this link for info on the birds that are typical to the area.

There are several trails that go up and over the mountain and a few that go around the mountain.  As with most any hike, some are harder trails than others.  We took the Blue Trail that began at the bottom of the picnic area.  It drops down, pictured below,  into a  mixed hardwood forest area, where we heard several different birds but could not obtain a visual on them.  I heard a Woodpecker and Song Sparrow.  Neither of which is a Life Bird but I was able to add them to my County List.  

The trail then climbs several hundred feet, which to me felt more like several thousand feet, to a ridge area that some nice person placed a wood bench.  I heard several other birds, the only one I could ID was a Chickadee.  After my family rested…ok I sat for a minute or five, it climbs another two hundred or so feet to an old homestead.  The only remnants left is a chimney that is pretty much gone itself.  You can make out the outline of the foundation becuase the park has placed rocks around what used to be the foundation.  It is amazing to think of what life must have been like back when a family (The Bakers possibly)  lived here.  I’m not in the worst shape, not too far from it either, but I can’t imagine walking or riding horses up and around Bakers Mountain.

From the top we again dropped down to a small creek that lies in a compact valley between to mountain ridges.  A beautiful spot to sit, listen to the water and bird.

Our choice now was to back track a ways to small creek that runs through a laurel thicket. A very peaceful place to spend a nice amount of time watching some Sparrows flit around the leaves and water.

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Cheaper by the 3 dozen

Some times you don’t have to travel very far to get into some good birding. Case & point -this morning- I looked out on my deck and saw this.

It’s hard to court this many moving parts, my guess is around 40. The picture does not show them all. Along with these Goldfinches I also had Doves, Junco’s, Cardinals, Sparrows, Carolina Wrens, Red Belly’s, and probably some that i did not ID.

What a great Awsome day. The birds cooperated even before I got to the wood line of one of my favorite birding areas.


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POTD (Picture of the day)


It was a beautiful, although rainy, weekend. A ton of Goldfinches were observed, a few have started to put on their spring plumage.

I did not get any good pictures of them, but in light of the wet weekend the POTD is a Mallard Duck I took several weeks ago. I hope you enjoy!

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Wordless Wednesday


Thanks to Nature-Trail!

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Wordless Wednesday


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Extinction and Climate

Extinction and Climate.

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